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I don't really see how my answer doesn't qualify as an "answer", per say. You asked when and my answer was, it'll be a while.

To further elaborate, it really depends on how successful this string of movies is. If the first movie bombs and Paramount isn't inclined to make more then it'll probably be a long time. A longer gap than the one since Enterprise. Finally somebody will gather the courage to commission/write a premise, and a TV series might be the result. If the first movie is successful, they'll make a second one and I don't see them throwing a new TV series into the mix for a while. That sort of thing muddies the water, in ijdgaf-hypothetical-movie-producer-speak/think. Maybe after a bit they'd branch out and make a new series. Or the movie series would run its course and, after another hiatus, a new series might come out of the woodwork.

The question just has so many variables involved. And I don't get how "not soon" is... wrong? Would "the day after tomorrow" be a better answer? I don't see how. While it gains something in precision, it loses quite a bit in terms of plausability and all around well-informedness.

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