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Default Teh Strike!!1

Well, damnit.

There are only two shows on TV I watch anymore. "The Office" and "Battlestar Galactica". The last episode of the former aired last week, and it looks like the latter only has half of the next season done, with a showrunner willing to put the remainder on the line re: the strike (or as I affectionately call it, Teh Strike!!1).

I'm a writer. And I don't say that just because I've written a few parodies here. I mean, I'm in a two year MFA program working on two novels, sending out stories to editors, and all that fun stuff. So I get this. Not geting many/any royalties for internet downloads when television ratings are on a decline and iTunes sales are skyrocketting? That's a pretty rough break. My feelings (or lack thereof) toward strikes/unions aside, I can definitely understand the importance of this issue. It's worth getting up in arms about. And the studios, laying off staffs (SNL, The Office, BSG)... what the hell, studios? Haven't twirled your mustaches around enough lately? Feeling insecure about lack of body hair/genitalia of macroscopic proportions? The whole situation is inane. I understand why producers like Moore would take such an extreme gamble, I really do. One party tries to piss further than the next, and pretty soon they've got urine on Neptune.

I'm sorry, my metaphors really are all over the place.

Just... gah. This is really hitting home. I want my goddamned happy ending already. A kiss and make up. Some evidence that the studio heads aren't wearing monocles, twirling in chairs up in their lofty towers. Petting cats, hiding their faces in the shadows... I'll stop.

I'm just selfish, really. I want my shows back. I want to justify the $118 I pay on cable/internet/phone each month. And I want a FREAKING resolution to BSG after four years of promise and studio mandated stand-alones.

Apologies. I really needed somewhere to rant.

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