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EC Henry tackles the size of a Bird of Prey and asks if you could really fit two whales inside.

The set built to represent the cargo bay doesn't fit inside the ship as depicted.

Of course this ties back to the inconsistent size of the Bird of Prey as portrayed in Trek (Ex Astris Scientia article). At best you have to assume that two different Bird of Prey classes exist, one big and one small, that happen to look identical from the outside. But one fan thinks that there may be as many as six different sizes. I think six is too many, and includes obviously oversized Birds of Prey that are the size of Vor'cha class battle cruisers or larger.

And of course the Bounty was WAY too big as compared to the whaling vessel in that one shot. And the set was built way too small to fit two whales in one half of it.

A comment on the video brings up the small B'Rel vs large K'Vort thing.
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