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I apologize for The Assignment. I was muddled at the time and thought that that was the one where O'Brien infiltrates the Syndicate and finds out that right and wrong, good and evil aren't quite as clear-cut as I thought. Which one is that?

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The Chase-Great episode, but a bit bogged down with existental quandaries and politics. Remember, this is the first episode our hypothetical Mr. Trek Ignorant is going to see. Do we really want to bog him down with half a dozen alien races his first trek out?
All Good Things-Not a good choice. It's the culmination of seven years of personal relationships and issues spanning that time. I'm not sure Mr. Trek Ignorant would be able to understand it.
One Small Step-Agreed. If I were to rewrite the polls this would get on it.
The Gift-Good episode, but I've always felt that this one substitutes Seven for Kes a LITTLE too neatly. Besides, everyone was so sad that Kes left, but I think she was mentioned once (The Voyager Conspiracy, the horrible Fury doesn't count) since that time.
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