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So I'm watching Ella Enchanted clips for some reason...

In one scene Char asks Ella to kiss him, but it could be taken as a command. Ella replies that she didn't take it as one. We know that this is true because we didn't hear the bell ringing sound effect that indicates that she has just received a command and now the curse will compel her to obey.

PNQ: How is this supposed to work with the curse?

We've seen before that the curse is remarkably strict about accepting any random incoming phrase that could possibly be taken as a command to Ella AS a command to Ella. The movie is actually more strict than the book in this regard, FYI. In the book the speaker clearly has to mean Ella in particular when saying the command. On the other hand, the movie is more lenient in accepting commands even if they defy the laws of physics (i.e. "freeze" will make her levitate in a frozen position).

Sorry, I'm being pedantic again. Nothing to see here....
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