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So I'm watching a DS9 music video, and I see the scene where Sisko takes a glass of champagne away from Jake after one sip...

PNQ: Would the legal drinking age be different for synthehol as opposed to normal alcohol in the 24th century?

I'm not touching the different ages of maturity or different biologies between species, that's a whole other can of worms, let's stick to near-humans here. One has to imagine that you need to practice "dismissing" the synthetic inebriation of synthehol. You can't just hand a five-year old a glass of synthehol and trust them to know how to stop being drunk, can you?

But it does make you wonder. Furthermore, would there be a standard minimum drinking age in the 24th century at all? I mean, if we're trusting Wesley to pilot a starship we can trust him to enjoy a drink after work, right?

There's another tangent to be had here speculating who in Trek would be pro- or anti-synthehol, but that would get really boring really fast.
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