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I found myself wondering about the appropriateness of using the name "Maquis" for the DMZ rebels...

PNQ1: Despite what Picard would tell you, French is an obscure language in the 24th century. Why use it instead of, you know, a BAJORAN word? How many native French speakers are even members?

PNQ2: The name "Maquis" isn't even appropriate, is it? The original Maquis were resistance fighters DURING war against and OCCUPYING force. The DMZ residents never officially declared war against the Cardassians, nor are the Cardassians "occupying" their colonies. The Cardassians are their landlords, as agreed to by the colonists in the first place when they refused to leave.
PNQ3: If anything, the more clear parallel to the Maquis in the context of Trek would be the resistance fighters during the Occupation, not after it, right?
PNQ4: Actually the word "maquis" in French referred to the shrubland and thickets that the resistance fighters would hide in. While a parallel could be drawn between that and the DMZ, it was never explained in that context. And again, you run into PNQ1 again, it's an obscure word in an obscure language!
PNQ5: Presuming that the word is unmodified for the French dub, how many French viewers would make the connection?
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