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In "Time's Orphan" Dax says that Alexander was four when he came to live with Worf.

PNQ: How well does this jibe with the established chronology?

If she means when K'Ehleyr died, Alexander was barely two, IF that. Memory Alpha puts his birth at Stardate 43205, K'Ehleyr's death at Stardate 44246, and Alexander's return from the Roshenko's at Stardate 45376. There's nowhere to get "four years old" from these dates unless there's some SEVERE warping of spacetime going on here.

Okay, what if Alexander was conceived during her first brief relationship with Worf (which seems unlikely, but let's run the numbers)? That was in 2359, "The Emissary" is 2365, and "Reunion" is 2367. That means eight, not four. Oops.

I guess we have to conclude that as an exploratory ship the Enterprise was really warping space and time around themselves and less time was passing for them. To be more exact, two days passed outside the ship for each day that passed onboard ship. Stephen Hawking would be spinning in his grave.
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