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Which of these 8 dropped Star Trek plots would you most like a continuation to?

8. Gary Seven. Actually, he was good in the John Byrne comics and in the novel Assignment: Eternity, but recasting him to appear again would be fun, maybe in conjunction with the Department of Temporal Investigations.

7. The kids from Miri. Actually, I don't really think we need to return to this plotline. What else is there to say about them?

6. Balok. I don't agree with this one. One of the Strange New Worlds collections features a story about Voyager encountering Bailey in the Delta Quadrant, that's enough for me.

5. The Kelvans. Unless Trek gets to the point that intergalactic travel is possible, I don't really see the point. It would make an interesting seasonlong arc akin to the Xindi or Stargate Universe, but you must remember that only the Kelvans that we met assumed humanoid form, the rest would be very alien.

4. Gillian Taylor. What else is there to her story that needs to be told? Again, there's a Strange New Worlds story (costarring Carol Marcus!) that continues her story enough for me.

3. The Gorn. You'd have to do a lot to flesh out this culture to make them interesting enough to visit. Let them stay in the novels and comics.

2. Charvanek. This one I agree with. They could've done so much more with her. Eventually she could've become sort of the Romulan version of Commander Shran (Nate just referenced Enterprise, lock your doors!). Her appearances in the TOS novels and the Vulcan's Soul trilogy were great.

1. The Guardian on the Edge of Forever. I agree with this one as well. The Guardian had tremendous potential. The Yesterday Saga books are great, his interactions with Q in the Q Continuum Trilogy, etc. A Strange New Worlds story even showed that the Department of Temporal Investigations has been known to use the Guardian on occasion.
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