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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
Which of these 8 dropped Star Trek plots would you most like a continuation to?

7. The kids from Miri. Actually, I don't really think we need to return to this plotline. What else is there to say about them?
Very unhappy things in The Cry of the Onlies.

6. Balok. I don't agree with this one. One of the Strange New Worlds collections features a story about Voyager encountering Bailey in the Delta Quadrant, that's enough for me.
They also encounter First Federation technology in Ragnarok.

5. The Kelvans. Unless Trek gets to the point that intergalactic travel is possible, I don't really see the point. It would make an interesting seasonlong arc akin to the Xindi or Stargate Universe, but you must remember that only the Kelvans that we met assumed humanoid form, the rest would be very alien.
The Kelvans could be a starting point for brainstorming a Starfleet ship that ends up in the Andromeda galaxy or whichever galaxy they were from.

1. The Guardian on the Edge of Forever. I agree with this one as well. The Guardian had tremendous potential. The Yesterday Saga books are great, his interactions with Q in the Q Continuum Trilogy, etc. A Strange New Worlds story even showed that the Department of Temporal Investigations has been known to use the Guardian on occasion.
Also First Frontier.

Originally Posted by DrWho42 View Post
why do they wear spacesuits in among us if they breathe air
There's so much sabotage and general shenanigans in space that life support is on the fritz more often than not, wearing the suits just saves time

Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
In "Blaze of Glory" Eddington complains about the replicated food. I suddenly wonder...

PNQ: If you're so uptight about replicated food, why would you join Starfleet in the first place?
Why would you join Starfleet if you don't like the transporter?
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