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Ah, the transporter. One place where I have to admit that Pulaski's character wasn't well written. McCoy would gripe, but he never avoided the thing. He understood that it was a necessity to do his job. Except for that one time, Barclay sucked it up and beamed anyway. But Pulaski? She didn't even have a transporter trace, which meant that she almost died in "Unnatural Selection" because of her stubbornness. "Unnatural Selection" was Stardate 42494.8, "The Child" was 42073.1. That means that she avoided using the transporter for FIVE MONTHS! For a starship I find that inexplicable, especially the flagship. Especially for the Chief Medical Officer.

I recall McCoy referring to himself as "Chief Surgeon" of the Enterprise once. I wonder if some ships have two separate jobs for this, one to handle the crew as a whole along with away missions (McCoy was also the ship's psychologist, remember) and one to stay in Sickbay to handle the bigger medical problems. What if Pulaski wasn't really "Chief Medical Officer" but was really "Chief Surgeon", a non-senior officer position that stays onboard ship at all times. What if there was another unseen doctor who handled the away team stuff?
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