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Originally Posted by AKAArzosah View Post
I always thought they were the same thing. It's 'the red sauce you put on Hot Dogs' often accompanied by mustard. Hey Wikipedia agrees with me!
True enough, but by my understanding, there are two ingrediants in ketchup that set it apart from other tomato sauces: corn syrup and vinegar. It's vinegar in particular that give ketchup its distinctive flavor.

What I want to know is why ketchup is so often referred to on labels as "tomato ketchup." Is there some sort of non-tomato ketchup I just don't know about?

Oh, and I'm not certain that I've ever seen a hot dog stand (except in movies), despite have lived in America for all my life. That's not to say that I've never had a hot dog before. But when I've had hot dogs, I've usually gotten them at a barberque or restraunt, not a stand-alone hot dog cart or stand. Then again, I've spent practically no time in big cities, like Chicago or New York, where I could more easily imagine such hot dog stands existing.
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