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Actually, guys, I check the forum every day. I just don't always answer right away because (a) I suck or (b) I'm thinking it over. In this case, I had a nagging feeling that Saria had already emailed me about this. I wanted to check, but my email wouldn't let me in... for three days. (That turned out to be my mistake, so I'm kind of embarrassed. And I was wrong about her writing me anyway. But the POINT is...)

Ah yes, the point. Welcome to the forum, Saria! I think you may well have come up with the greatest idea ever. I've been pondering animated content for ages now; trouble is, the best medium I could think of was Flash, and that sounded really hard. (We all know about my skills at Flash art. *rimshot*) Machinima will probably lend itself much better to this. Be sure to keep us posted about how it's going, and let me know if I can help.
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