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JEREMY: I understand death. They teach us all about it.
WORF: Jeremy Aster, we may both understand it, but we must bring meaning to your mother's death. Perhaps we can do it together.

Ugh. This is one part of Klingon philosophy that I don't care for. I didn't like that "get Jadzia into Sto'vo'kor by killing a bunch of people in her name" bit either. While dying with honor can be seen as preferable, it shouldn't be seen as necessary. Furthermore, Marla died in the line of duty, isn't that enough?

PICARD: Come. Counsellor, how's the boy?
TROI: He's being very brave.
TROI: No, he has to get past brave. He's very angry and he has to learn how to express that anger before he can really say goodbye to his mother.

Troi is being useful again! Although I would've said "acting very brave", not "being very brave"...

TROI: Sir, I', sensing a presence on the planet. Very vague.
PICARD: Life form?
TROI: I can't be sure. The emotions of the crew are particularly strong right now. It's difficult to filter them out.

I don't like this idea. The emotions of the crew are particularly strong a lot, furthermore Marla can't have made friends with that many of the crew. If a few dozen people feeling grief dampens Troi's powers, they'd be cutting out all the time. And what about during the Borg invasion? She'd be in Sickbay with a splitting headache! Isn't it enough to say "I can't be sure, it's too far away right now"?

WESLEY: What am I going to tell him?
CRUSHER: It would help him to talk with someone who's been through this. We had each other, Wes. He doesn't have anyone to lean on right now.

Another good moment.

WESLEY: Do you ever think about him, Mom?
CRUSHER: Your father? Sure I do.
WESLEY: Sometimes I can't even remember what his face looks like. It scares me.

So ask the computer to show you a picture of him! I hope after "Family" he put a snippet of Jack's holographic message in a Tasha-style holopedestal.

Nitpickers Guide

* Crusher declares Aster dead relatively quickly. Phil doesn't mention how long Beverly tried to resuscitate Tasha, but I will.
* Why was Jeremy left alone in his quarters? Shouldn't he be placed with another family until arrangements can be made? Shouldn't Troi be with him a lot more?
* How can a child repeat a Klingon phrase after only hearing it once?

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