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Oh, of course - But it does seem to kinda fit. I mean, yes the Cybermen were seen with the 1st Doctor, but they really made an inpact in the 2nd Doctor's time The tomb/The invasion. The Master, was totally the 3rd Doctor's main baddie. For the fouth doctor, I would have said that the Sontarans and Davros were the main big bad's, both of them were shown twice and they had the most effect, were the most well know. Still, it wasn't my theory, but I think it fits rather well. I suppose RTD didn't really plan it that way, but - to me - it seems like he's picked major things from each of the Doctor's times. I can't quite think what he could pick from the 5th Doctor though.. The Master again? The Rani was the 6th and 7th? I suppose there was the Sea Devils...
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