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Bloody, totally, knee slapping Fantastic!
Every minute of it was great. I loved how they showed all the bad things that would come if the Doctor wasn't there. And the name dropping? Sarah Jane, Torchwood, flipping everyone was almost in this.
I'm a little confused what this all meant, though. Rose being back? I'm guessing that it was because of the 'Big bad thing' i.e the darkness/the stars going. The stuff that happened in this episode wasn't part of a master plan, just some little 'con artists' type people (and bugs) right? So, did all the events in the other universe happen, and then time finally reached the point where we are in the series, and pass it, showing the stars going out, before that timeline was removed? Meaning, we're slightly behind and should be coming up to the darkness stuff?
I'm intrested to learn where all the bloody Daleks will have come from this time. There was only one left last series. But flipping amazing looking trailer, I must say!
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