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My thoughts would immediately get me lynched by you guys, given my controversial opinions on Trek XI. Moving into tamer territory, however...

If the writers and producers of DW feel that they can continue to honor the franchise by continuing the show, more power to them. After all, I jolly well hope by now they know the wrath of the fanbase and have learned to pay attention to it.

Tennant needed to get out of this role. It's been proven numerous times before that if you stay in a role too long you will get locked into it. This isn't fair, never was, never will be, but it's true.

Why isn't a broadcast station showing reruns of this show? I have yet to see a single episode of DW, and I don't feel deprived. It's in the best interest of the Powers That Be that I as a twentysomething scifi geek get hooked on this show, right? So why aren't they hyping this show for all it's worth?
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