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I did think about writing a review, but since "poor, 3/10" sums my views up perfectly, and the one I wrote was deleted when I was auto-logged out, I shall make some recommendations instead.

Here's a few stories you can watch instead or as a counterweight; they're all excellent:

Ghost Light
Vengeance on Varos
Revelation of the Daleks
The Robots of Death

It was hard to choose six from twenty-six years of serials, but here's a shortlist. Kinda is not essential, but is the backstory to Snakedance, so watching it first is advised, even if it's rather boring and lacks pace. The choices are not entirely at random.


Edit: Warriors Gate is another shockingly-excellent piece I forgot to mention, with some truly brilliant direction. Unfortunately, the director caused ructions on-set and with the producer to such an extent that the head of drama wrote to the producer (who, in the end, loved the product that came out of it all) about it, so he was blacklisted because JNT effectively had no choice. Anyone who says New-Who gets better than this is just... wow.
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