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I almost missed Talk Like A Pirate Day this year. Good thing my subconscious was twigging that today was special.

Next year will be much bigger because it'll be twenty years since the Dave Barry column that really launched TLAPD to the next level.

Some Long John Silver restaurants are still giving TLAPD deals.

Pirate Name Generator. When I put in "Nate" it spits out "Huge Hank Napier." "Zeke" gives "'Old Canker' Bark Screed." "Kirk" gives "Wankin' Brant Dawkins." "Spock" gives "Cowerin' William Screed." "Bones" gives "Keel-Haulin' Hugo Smithe."

So yeah, I don't see the connection. But there must be a formula and it's not spitting out a random name because I tried the names several times.

Nintendo takes advantage of the day to shill some "space pirate" games, including the Metroid series, of course.
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