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Star Trek Deviantart Day! (I won't number them anymore, it's always a hassle to find my previous entry)

The Captains. The forehead is too big on Archer and Kirk seems to have some jowls going there, but okay. Really nice job on Picard.

Odo and Kira. Very cute, but I find myself wondering what's going on with Odo's boots there.

I may have already done this one, but a nice collage of the TNG cast plus recurring guest stars. My biggest complaint is that Pulaski looks off, like the artist did a lousy job trying to make her look younger.

A photorealistic painting of the TOS Big Seven. Chekov looks a little off, but it's very nice.

TOS does Abbey Road. Nice use of the Saurian Brandy bottle by Scotty there.

I rarely post bad fanart, I don't like mocking people, but this one needs to be seen to be believed. Long faces all around, bad hair, lots of squinty eyes. And who's that little girl next to Phlox, she looks familiar.
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