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Ooooh, how about something akin to Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (bear with me). Our heroes are temporal researchers, most likely from the 29th century. However, they went back to our time using a primitive version of the time transporter. There was an accident, and our heroes are stranded. They can still communicated with the future, but the accident tagged their molecules with something that prevents 29th century tech from beaming it. They manage to jerry-rig a more primitive transporter that can beam them around the planet, if not to the future. The computer database was damaged, so our heroes no longer no everything that's going to happen. Our heroes must find a way home without interfereing TOO much with the present. Perhaps they encounter one of the Vulcan researchers that was active in our time period and swear them to secrecy. Maybe there were other alien races directly interfering with our development which our heroes must either help or hinder. Maybe Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln (now getting up there in years) and their assistants (or even-gasp!-children) help out our heroes from time to time. You could have the Eugenics Wars in the background, supporting it with real-world events (think the Eugenics Wars books, which I enjoyed). Henry Starling! Plexicorp! The Botany Bay project! Heck, Buck Bokai as a child! Just why did baseball die? The possibilities are endless!
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