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Second episode down.

So they do use the Discovery shuttles a lot, but their use has become clearer - unless there's a branch of Starfleet we are unaware of called "TAXI", seems that quite a few are in civilian use - and we got to see new ships at Utopia Planetia before it got 'sploded. One that stood out looked like it was derived from one of the Ships of the Line calendars, the one with the Ent-E shuttlebay.

Also, space transports actually built as space transports. That made me happy.

Seeing Utopia Planetia before the attack, and how the synthetic attack took place, was a real treat. F8's smile was creepy as all Hell, though. TrekCore has a screen grab, first picture embedded in the article.

You guys know that I used to do a lot of RPG type stuff in the Star Trek universe. Kind of a common trope with these guys, other than something to do with Section 31, is an organized group of Romulans the Tal'Shiar feared, because everyone needed to be bigger and badder. By introducing this group, the Zhat Vash, made the episode seem a little too familiar.

Romulan agents embedded at Starfleet Command., one of which is a Commodore (actually said Commodore, which is the first time since TOS that word was used). No wonder Picard isn't Starfleet anymore.

Kudos to the cameo of Picard's old comm badge from the movies, and Vasquez Rocks. Expected a Gorn to poke his head over a rock at any time there.

Overall, I would call the episode not bad. Can't wait for #3.
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