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Old 01-07-2007, 07:36 PM
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Default Gatac does...a survey?

*checks ice, hopes it won't crack*

I'm, er, doing a survey for my journalism class. It's about *gasp* religious belief in the USA. If our US residents could take a minute to fill it out, I'd be thrilled.

Since I don't want to incur Zeke's wrath, let me state outright that I don't intend to start a discussion here. If you feel you need to say something more than the survey, please send me an eMail.

Uh, I guess there's not much of a reason for you to post here at all. So, to give the compulsive posters something to work with: I like ice cream. Go!

Katy: Can I have the skill 'drive car off bridge and have parachute handy'?
Justin: It's kind of a limited skill.
Greg: Depends on how often you drive off bridges.
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