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Old 12-14-2021, 12:05 PM
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Default T10: The 5MV Grey Cup

This is a silly update, but it's one I've had in mind for a loooong time. I think I first got the idea about six years ago. Here in Canada, our version of the Super Bowl is called the Grey Cup. Why not do what I did to Average Joe and have a Grey Cup at 5MV involving various Grays or Greys related in some way to this site?

Because there aren't ten of them, that's why. But I found a solution! And I've been waiting to drop it for years, but whenever Grey Cup day comes around, I'm always too busy with the Cup itself.

This year I've finally got it done. Coming at you live from some stadium or other, here's Top 10 list #111: The Events of the Grey Cup.

(The game was good too, btw. Went into overtime!)
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Old 03-15-2022, 12:52 PM
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That's a good punchline!
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grey cup, i hate that one from tw, t10

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