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Old 02-12-2007, 09:34 AM
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Default Shoulda Been a Two-Parter

This thread is to talk about what Trek episodes were shortchanged by being crammed into only forty-something minutes when there was room for much more.

The City on the Edge of Forever.
No question. More time should've been spent on the discovery of the Guardian of Forever. Part One could've ended on McCoy waking up at Edith's. Part Two could've had more of the Kirk/Edith courtship, maybe the formation of a love triangle. Edith would've still loved Kirk, but McCoy would have more time to try wooing her.

The Inner Light
So I'm biased toward this one. I'd've like two parts to actually give the E-D time to GO to Kataan (having Picard under for like twelve hours) and find the ruins of the probe launcher, a few more artifacts. More time for Picard to recover, maybe a glance from Crusher when she hears that he had a family, that sort of thing. They even had the perfect cliffhanger with the termination of the beam and Picard going into shock.

Yesterday's Enterprise
With two parts we could've met a Worf that was working for the Klingons but still wanted peace. He probably would've never met with anyone from the Enterprise except maybe Guinan, but tying in more of the Narendra Three/Worf backstory together would've been fun. Heck, we could've had a Michael Dorn cameo as his own father at the outpost.

Distant Origon
Oh yeah, this is up there. More backstory on Galen, more observation of the Voyager crew, had Chakotay kidnapped at the end of Part One.


We could even go the other way, with two-parters that shoulda been only one. None come to mind, except maybe turning the Circle trilogy of DS9 into a two-parter.
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