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Old 10-26-2008, 03:52 PM
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Lightbulb A Proposal.

I have an idea. A great idea. Well an idea.
I have recently finished creating a short machinima movie using WoW and Sims 2. I quite enjoyed doing it plan to make more. What has this got to do with 5M? Well stop asking questions and I'll tell you.

What I propose is this:

Working in full co-operation with and it's dedicated writers, I believe these awesomely funny scripts need to be expanded to the next level. Yes I'm talking animations.

I first had the idea a while ago, but I was thinking along the lines of a series of four-six panel comics, or a flash animation. I soon realised that, even though I had a small amount of talent in drawing, it wouldn't be sufficient to complete my goal. Also, I can't use Macromedia Flash for peanuts.

So, instead, with my newfound interest in machinima, that 5M scripts would be turned into short comedic films, giving full credits to those involved (writing etc). Of course due to the nature of audio-visual media, the script may or may not have to be tweaked slightly to accomodate, but all this can be discussed with the authors and story-boarders.

The game format I am thinking of using, purely for it's customisablity and ease of recording, is Sims 2, although if people have better suggestions I would be glad to hear them. I also thought it would be fitting to use Voyager scripts first, as they were the first fivers.

Any questions, comments, vounteers, supporters etc are most welcome.
Also, I will only go ahead if I have permission to do so.


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animation, fiver, machinima, sims, voyager

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