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Old 02-11-2023, 04:08 PM
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So I'm reading the TV Tropes page Voodoo Shark, and the following issue is brought up that I'm ashamed to admit that I never thought of before...

PNQ: If non-Command officers have to take the Bridge Officer's Test to be eligible to take command, why was Troi in command in "Disaster", anyway?

Especially when "Disaster" was the impetus for the Bridge Officer's Test in the first place.

Like many have said, Troi wasn't ready to take command in "Disaster". Personally I would've put O'Brien in charge, but technically Ro was Command track and a commissioned officer.

A related question is how Pulaski was a full commander. Troi says that you don't have to be a Commander to be chief medical officer, and it doesn't seem like Pulaski had passed the Bridge Officer's Test. She never even seemed to be on the Bridge unless specifically required (unlike Crusher who seemed to like hanging around on the Bridge when things were slow in Sickbay).
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