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Old 07-02-2010, 10:33 PM
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Default Block 2-1: And I feel fine

Okay! A while ago I decided on Independence Day as the target of FBC number two. If you haven't seen it, it's very easy to find on TV or video. Let's do this thing.

We open with a shot of the American flag on the moon. Slowly, a shadow comes over it, the shadow of something massive. Soon the whole screen is obscured -- except for our little Earth, which will soon discover just how little it is.

Cue REM's "End of the World" on the radio at SETI, where a bored night-shifter suddenly sees red lights on his equipment. He puts on headphones and is astonished at what he hears. Soon, the whole crew is awake, listening to what can only be an alien radio signal... coming from the direction of the moon.

The news gets passed up the ladder to the Pentagon. A couple of military types debate what little is known so far (there's a big vague object, roughly 1/4 as massive as the moon, slowing down as it approaches Earth). They call the SecDef.

We'll stop Block 1 here. The SETI scene is clearly needed; the other two we'll include if there's something good for them, otherwise not. Here's a copy of the film script; I haven't noticed any major differences from the actual film yet, but we'll take it one block at a time.

Have at it!
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