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Old 04-01-2024, 10:31 AM
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Default Five-Second Dune

Happy Easter! As you know, I like doing Easter eggs on this site sometimes. With a certain movie out, this feels like the right time to take one of the old ones and officially post it.

Back in '05, when I did the April Fool's event that introduced our "Five-Second" format, the official content was six five-second seasons from various shows (including one, B5, which didn't quite have its subsite yet!). You can find them all on the April '05 news page. But what you'll also find, if you float over the phrase "more five-seconders" in the April 21 update, is a hidden link. Yep, there was a seventh set of five-second parodies -- this one for the Dune series.

Selected entries, anyway. I love the first two books, but the third was so bafflingly bad that it killed my enthusiasm for reading any more, so that's all I included. I also threw in a Dune game I had played -- and to be very clear, we're not talking about the good one here. (That's Dune II, which codified the RTS genre, and is held in high esteem by people who like that genre. I don't, but I'll take their word for it.) This first Dune game was a strange attempt with a troubled production and, let's just say, a few bugs. Finally, I covered what was at the time the only Dune movie, David Lynch's very weird version. Even back in '05, there was already a better filmed version of the story -- a 2000 TV miniseries -- but I wasn't going for exhaustive coverage.

This Easter egg was found back in the day (in fact, every Easter egg I've ever done has been found at least once, though I occasionally have to drop hints). But anyone who wasn't around at the time is likely to think I've never touched Dune, so it's about time that changed. Here, with the April Fool's trimmings removed, is Five-Second Dune. One of these days maybe I'll add some of the more recent stuff...

(Huh. In 24 years, I think this may be my first update on April 1 that wasn't a gag.)
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