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Old 01-17-2011, 08:57 PM
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Default Fiver Solicitation

Greetings, 5MN.

As is my tradition, I have been trying to come up with a good April Fool's Day joke for my Excelsior audio drama (linked in sig). I decided that this year we are going to "five" some of our own previous episodes, and then we are going to have our cast record the fivers and release them as a parody episode. The basic problem is, I'm not very funny, and my own fivers are good evidence of that. So I struck on an idea: [strikethrough]free labor![/strikethrough] giving others the opportunity to write for the show!

Basically, if any of you are interested in writing some fivers that will be acted out by a real cast (with real sound effects!) and released to a decent-sized audience, find an episode of Excelsior you'd like to five (episode library is here) and write it. Post it here, and I'll swing by on March 1st or so and compile all submissions into a script for the cast to record during that month.

I'd like to get only one fiver per episode, so use the old 5MN system and make sure to "call" your episodes before you start writing.

Of course, "too many fivers" would be a nice problem to have. Much more likely, I'm afraid, is that nobody will want to write a fiver and then the Excelsior fandom will get stuck with some un-funny Wowbagger-penned fiver come April Fool's. Don't let that happen!

Questions/comments/rants post 'em here or PM me. I'll answer them. Soon.

EDIT: Oh, and, yes, of course we will mention prominently. If the April Fools episode goes well, hopefully we can drive some decent traffic over here.
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