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Old 02-15-2010, 03:37 AM
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Default WWII Fiver

This is the beginning of a fiver on WWII. Sorry for the terrible fiver. I was bored. Very bored.

Japan: Ugh, we donít have any resources. Iím sure no one will care if we invade China a bit.
China: HEY!

German Citizens: I donít want to pay for what we did!
Hitler: Hey, if you guys join me, Germany wonít have to pay.
German Citizens: What can possibly go wrong?

Italy: Everything is fine.
Italy: Here, have all the political power!
Mussolini: Grazie.

Stalin: You are trying to more impressive than me, to the Gulag with you.
(Weeks later)
Stalin: Where did everyone in my country go?

Hitler: Iím gonna invade stuff
Chamberlain: UmÖ Iíll give you Czechoslovakia if you donít
Czechoslovakia: HEY!

Hitler: Hey, Stalin, wanna go invade Poland.
Stalin: OK
Poland: HEY!
Chamberlain: Aw, I have to go to war.

Japan: Invading the Pacific, LALALA
Pacific: HEY!
America: Meh.

Western Europe: GAK!

England: Help, America, Iíll give you cookies.
American Pilot #1: Iím bored; wanna go save the free world
American Pilot #2: O.K.

USSR: We make good team!
(Germany pulls out butterfly knife and backstabs USSR)
Germany: Thank you for being such a dear friend.
LtFielding: What, I like TF2.
Finally refigured out what the address to this website is.
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