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Old 11-13-2004, 01:45 AM
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Default Star Trek: Season Dos

I would've just continued the other thread, but it's just a compulsion of mine.

More threads! More clutter! AhahahA!


So I'm really liking how different the Star Trek volumes look on my shelf, as compared to all the other series I own on DVD. I'm not really liking that the silver paint on my Season One set is starting to rub off, but I guess that was going to happen anyway.

Since each season has a different uniform theme going for it (Season One has the command uniform and insignia, Season Two the science one), the menus are also different. Each menu starts off in the middle of a CGI-rendered bridge. In the first season, you view everything through the viewscreen. In the second season, they added that little viewer do-hickey at Sulu's station, and now you view everything from Spock's console. It's a rather neat idea, though I'm wondering what they'll do for season three. Scotty doesn't really have a specific place on the bridge.... maybe the menus will take place in the engine room? :::crosses fingers:::

The picture quality is as good as ever. The only episodes I've watched are -- you guessed it -- "The Omega Glory" and "Assignment: Earth". I would watch more, but I really sort of did promise my girlfriend that we'd watch them together, and so far the two of us have only powered through about half of season one.

However, I'm not letting that stop me on the extras . I'll let you know how those are once I've seen 'em.

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