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Old 02-26-2005, 09:42 AM
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Default The Monkey's Paw Game

Basically, this is a game where a player makes a wish and it gets ruined, like in the story about the monkey's paw. For example, the first player makes a wish that ENT would continue. Then the second player could do something like "ENT continues for several more years, but it's full of subliminal programming telling everyone to obey the new world dictator." Then the second player makes a wish of his or her own, and so it continues.

I'll start with...

I wish I could use magic.
Screwing with the Crusader Kings name files: $0
Adding a few modern names: $0
Making a few obscure references: $0
Watching your brother freak out when he realized he just married his heir to "Remilie de Bourgogne": PRICELESS
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