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Old 10-13-2007, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by ijdgaf View Post
I'd prefer something with perhaps a few ongoing arcs, some extended multipart episodes, and some overarching themes perhaps, but also a show that could rely on and not suffer from stand-alone episodes.
I refer you to my suggestion of Aaron Sorkin.

I expect it has been thought of before, but what about crime and espionage? It is more or less established that there is a civvie intelligence service in the Federation (in ST:III if you care to know). That leaves the door open to a multitude of different sorts of story, and of course there's ample oppertunity for some rivalry with Starfleet Intel and a running fight against Section 31. And given in this fantasy of mine that it will be produced/written by Sorkin, lots of walking-around conversations and unnaturally witty dialogue.
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