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Old 01-09-2008, 05:25 AM
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Default January 8

I decided a while ago to cut down on personal stuff in updates. As usual, however, I overdid it and found myself reluctant to make any updates without new content, leaving readers in the dark. So today I'm going to explain a bit about my current status.

My Master's program in Waterloo is nearly complete. I submitted my thesis in December; all I have to do now is make any changes the readers suggest and then give my talk. I'm going on to a PhD, but I don't know where yet, so I'm spending the next two terms back in Ottawa with my folks. During that time, I'll apply to the schools I'm interested in, do a lot of mathematical reading, and otherwise take a (for once) well-earned break from graduate school.

If that sounds like good news for, it should -- sort of. I miss this site and I'm really looking forward to working on it again. But although I overdid the whole "school before site" thing with that seven-month absence, the principle is right. When something scholastic or otherwise important comes up, updates will have to wait. Daily posts are nice if I have something to post or say, but when I don't, I won't sweat it.

The other problem, temporary but irritating, is that my computer isn't set up here yet and won't have net access either until I can pick up a wireless card. I don't like doing site work on the family computer for a number of reasons, so updates will probably be small until that's resolved. Shouldn't take long, though.

Okay, enough talk. I hope to have some content next update, so stay tuned.

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