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Encounter at Farpoint Zeke Picard finds his cause: Save the Jellyfish.
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The Naked Now Marc Richard TOS attacks TNG out of spite. Data and Tasha spend some quality time together.
Lonely Among Us FatMatDuhRat Picard becomes quite energetic. Troi gains some competition for her job.
Hide and Q Kira Riker Qs up. Tasha tries to think outside the box.
Haven dsbs Deanna's pre-arranged fiancé fails to ring her chimes.
11001001 Marc Richard 110 01 01101 01 0 11110 10. 01 001 1 10010 10 001 01.
Too Short a Season Marc Richard Admiral Jameson doesn't make the playoffs.
Home Soil Derek Dean After they discover a glowing crystal which is producing an image in the sand, some terraformers suspect that they have just found the Orb of the Emissary.
Coming of Age Derek Dean Remmick plays Twenty Questions with the crew. Wesley shows off that he knows all the answers.
Heart of Glory Marc Richard A couple of nostalgic Klingons try to convince Worf that he'd look cooler in leather than in spandex.
Symbiosis Nic Corelli The crew learns to say no to drugs and helping the less fortunate.
Skin of Evil Kira Tasha urges Picard to get the ship an oil change, but a trip to Vagra II changes her mind.
We'll Always Have Paris KJP Picard demonstrates why he is not the ladies' man of this ship. Data is beside himself.
The Neutral Zone Marc Richard Three human popsicles, two Romulan snobs and one unseen Collective team up to give Picard a galaxy-class headache.
Elementary, Dear Data Derek Dean When a turbocharged Professor Moriarty leaves him clueless, Data considers trading in his Sherlock Holmes pipe for a stand-up comic's cigar.
Loud as a Whisper Marc Richard The crew meets a diplomat who just won't speak his mind, though his chorus won't refrain. Troi tries to help but gets the silent treatment.
The Measure of a Man Zeke Data finds out he's not as tall as the "You Must Be This Tall To Have Rights" sign.
Contagion Marc Richard The Enterprise and Data catch the Icommon cold.
The Royale Andy Taylor Picard learns he should let Data handle tough math problems. Riker learns he should let Dixon Hill handle tough casino mobsters.
Time Squared Marc Richard Tired of stating the obvious, Troi tries to confuse people. Picard gets to prove he can look after himself.
The Icarus Factor Kira Riker and his dad beat each other up in the peaceful, nonviolent future. Wes lets Worf's masochism out to play.
Pen Pals Derek Dean Wesley heads up his first research team and Data commits his first Prime Directive breach. Picard can't decide which one to be prouder of.
Q Who? Marc Richard When Picard refuses to hire Q, the Borg sue him for anti-godling employment practices.
Manhunt Nate the Great Picard finds yet another Phaser he'd prefer to do without.
The Emissary Marc Richard Worf discovers that his old girlfriend now has the title of deep space mine pilot.
The Survivors Kira Picard can't decide whether genocide is okay or not. Worf becomes the new Mr. Tea.
Who Watches The Watchers? Marc Richard Picard suffers the slings and arrows of outraged Vulcans. He finds it an Archery experience.
Booby Trap Marc Richard Geordi and his Barbie doll save the ship.
The Enemy Marc Richard Worf and his blood don't save a Romulan.
The Price Kira Deanna decides she doesn't have enough scoundrels in her life. Riker deals with some Ferengi trying to profit from falsehoods.
The Defector Marc Richard Picard is hindered by his (ahem) French accent. Jarok annoys Worf by dying before he can refuse to donate blood.
A Matter of Perspective Kira Riker decides that what he really wants to do is direct. Picard saves him, but only so he'll owe him a rescue in the next cliffhanger.
Yesterday's Enterprise Marc Richard History changes, saving people's lives. Picard changes it back so they'll die instead.
The Offspring saxamaphone Data proudly hands out cigars, then takes them back when he finds out that his new daughter is smarter than he is.
Sins of the Father Marc Richard Duras helps rename the Klingon High Council to the "No Worfs Club."
Allegiance Derek Dean A duplicate Picard offers drinks to the crew, dinner to Beverly, and frustration to the P/C shippers.
Captain's Holiday Marc Richard Picard travels to Risa but ends up in a Dashiell Hammett novel. Rom tries to imitate Sydney Greenstreet but comes up short. Vash learns that tomb raiding is a profession with no future.
Tin Man Marc Richard
Hollow Pursuits Marc Richard Barclay teaches us why Mary Sue fanfic writers shouldn't be let within 100 meters of a holodeck. Come to think of it, maybe nobody should be let within 100 meters of a holodeck....
The Most Toys Kira Data loses his value as a collectible when he's removed from his original packaging. The phrase "fire at will" takes on a whole new meaning for Worf.
Sarek IJD GAF Bendii Syndrome makes baby Sarek cry, so he hands it off to Picard, the most Vulcan-like person he can find on the ship. Selar pouts.
The Best of Both Worlds Zeke The Enterprise trades in the captain for a hot new blonde. Picard gets a makeover out of spite.
Brothers Derek Dean A surprise call on his beeper prompts Data to study the theory of relativity.
Remember Me Marc Richard Trapped in a small space where everyone else is disappearing one by one, can Crusher survive long enough to win the $1,000,000?
Legacy Wade the Sane Commodore Data considers getting together with Yar's evil sister, but decides she'd be a better match for Lore.
Future Imperfect Derek Dean The Romulans attempt to conquer the Federation with their new novel, Rike Van William, but the dress rehearsal doesn't go so hot.
Final Mission Admiral Sab Picard and Wesley try to visit Waterworld but experience navigation problems. Their absence leaves the crew in a Malon-cholic mood.
The Loss Kira Troi gives some alien flatsoes her powers in exchange for a new role as Ship's Uber-Blatch.
The Wounded Marc Richard Captain Maxwell proves that you don't have to be an admiral to go insane. Dukat changes his name.
Devil's Due FatMatDuhRat Picard learns the naked truth about magic tricks.
Clues Derek Dean Data resets the ship's clocks to Daylight Savings Time and hopes that nobody notices he overdid it by 23 hours.
First Contact IJD GAF When the Malcorians get upset at having made first contact with the Federation, Picard tells them they're lucky they didn't get the Borg instead.
Galaxy's Child Marc Richard Dr. Leah Brahms comes face to face with the fact that she is virtually the only woman in Geordi's life.
Night Terrors Standback It's the end of the dreamworld as we know it, and Troi feels fine. (Get it? R.E.M.?)
Qpid Silvia and Gwen Vash teases Picard for being such a straight arrow; Q agrees with her and gives both of them the shaft.
The Drumhead Marc Richard Picard learns to dislike warp core explosions, overzealous admirals, and state-appointed Australian lawyers.
Half a Life KJP Lwaxana falls for a mortal man doomed to die by either radioactivity or video-game violence.
The Host Marc Richard Odan gives Beverly the Trill of a lifetime. Beverly gives Odan the lifetime of a Will.
The Mind's Eye Kira Geordi tries to kill an important Klingon; the Klingons, for whom assassination is perfectly legal, complain. Jerks.
In Theory Wowbagger Who dates the Datas?
Redemption Zeke Worf demands a takeback on his honour/discommendation trade, but hits a snag when the episode suddenly turns into The Crosby Show.
Darmok Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Faced with an overload of iambic pentameters, Picard wonders where Hoshi is when you really need her.
Silicon Avatar Derek Dean Data dabbles in ventriloquism. Riker has a whale of a time chasing snowflakes.
Disaster Marc Richard Keiko gets a baby. Worf gets the credit. Riker gets ahead of Data.
The Game Kira When the crew gets hooked on a high-tech version of Chrono Trigger, Wesley tells them they should stick to reading SimonBob's fivers instead.
Unification I IJD GAF
A Matter of Time Kira Picard takes on an Evil Future Guy. Hm...do you feel a sort of backwards déjà vu?
Violations Derek Dean When an alien starts chucking daggers of the mind, you just know someone's going to get an id poked out.
Conundrum Marc Richard Amnesia results in a nasty dilemma for Picard and a not-so-nasty one for Riker. Both are shocked to find that MacDuff was not of woman born.
Power Play Kira When Riker gets a penalty, ghost pirates take possession of Troi, Data, O'Brien, and the puck.
The Outcast Wade the Sane Commodore Riker meets a J'naii in a bottle.
Cause and Effect Kira Crusher plays poker and gets déjà vu, then the ship explodes. Crusher plays poker and gets déjà vu, then the ship explodes. Crusher plays poker and gets déjà vu, then the ship explodes. Crusher plays poker and gets déjà vu, then the ship explodes. Cru-- [sound of gunfire] I deserved that.
The First Duty Kira Wesley gets in over his head; the crew decides to kick him while he's down. Tom Paris' real past is revealed.
The Perfect Mate Marc Richard Picard discovers he'd walk a mile for a Kamala, the first woman he's ever met who can bore even him. Don't that beat awl?
I, Borg Marc Richard Picard's plan to attack the Borg with an I-drop encounters resistance from Geordi, who insists that Hugh can't go home again.
The Next Phase Marc Richard Geordi and Ensign Ro experience life as phasers. Picard is dismayed at the prospect of firing them.
The Inner Light Nate the Great Picard takes pay-per-view reality TV to a whole new level.
Time's Arrow I Zeke
Realm of Fear Marc Richard Barclay trades his transporter phobia for an obsession about very large germs.
Relics IJD GAF Determined to out-cameo Spock and McCoy, Scotty traps the Enterprise crew so he can save them. Freeman Dyson gives him a hand.
Schisms Kira Aliens borrow some of the crew; Picard has to charge them overdue fees. Riker becomes a Mulder wannabe.
Rascals Admiral Sab Ro learns not to believe "Fly Through Me" signs on spatial anomalies, but gives the captain an alternative to Rogaine.
A Fistful of Datas Derek Dean Data simulteneously becomes the fastest gunslinger north, south, east and west of the Pecos.
The Quality of Life Marc Richard Ever wonder who the Ewoks would be if Chewbacca were Data?
Ship in a Bottle saxamaphone Barclay and Moriarty battle each other to determine who can better distinguish fantasy from reality. Both lose.
Aquiel Marc Richard Geordi lets the dogs out. Then he really, really wishes he hadn't.
Face of the Enemy Nic Corelli Troi senses something, but she's not sure what. Wait... it's pointy ears.
Tapestry Michael DeSanto Q turns history into an issue of What If? Picard doesn't have the heart to stop him.
Birthright I Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Blurb forthcoming.
Birthright II Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg
Frame of Mind Scott Z No matter how paranoid Will is, he's not paranoid enough. Worf invents a more fun way to shave.
Suspicions Derek Dean
Rightful Heir Marc Richard Worf, Gowron, Picard, and some Klingon monks just can't figure out what to do with That Darn Kahless.
Second Chances Scott Z Riker learns that when you come to a fork in the road, you should take it.
Timescape Marc Richard Riker learns what comes of helping Romulans. Data smokes pot...er, Data's pot smokes.
Descent I Zeke Data resists the Dark Side. For about ten seconds.
Descent II Zeke When Data comes to resent his descent, Lore dissents. Represent!
Liaisons Wade the Sane Commodore But are they dangerous?
Interface Wade the Sane Commodore Geordi regrets not updating the firewall on his VISOR.
Phantasms Nic Corelli Data dreams a little dream of mess. Troi achieves the chocolate cake eater's nirvana.
Gambit I Derek Dean
Gambit II Derek Dean
Attached Marc Richard Picard and Crusher mind each other's business and make their 'shippers very happy.
Force of Nature Marc Richard Starfleet forbids ships to travel faster than Warp 5. Picard blames it on Enterprise nostalgia.
Inheritance Wade the Sane Commodore Data finds out he gets his musical talent, if not his looks, from his mother's robot's side.
Parallels Kira Worf takes a wrong turn on the inter-dimensional super-highway.
The Pegasus Marc Richard Picard and Riker discover a terrifying new cloaking device: one capable of transforming a ship into an invisible winged horse. This doesn't bother the Romulans, who don't believe in silly myths.
Sub Rosa Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Beverly Crusher defeats the Phantom Menace by breaking the Howard women's centuries-old tradition of retaining their maiden names after marriage.
Lower Decks IJD GAF Attempting to coast on the Muppets' success, Picard tries out a new series -- "TNG Babies."
Thine Own Self MmeBlueberry Or is that Frankenstein Own Self?
Masks saxamaphone The Enterprise gets spammed by the Aztecs.
Eye of the Beholder Kira Troi jumps 'ship, jumps the gun, and almost jumps to her doom. Good thing she's wearing a jumpsuit.
Genesis Marc Richard In the beginning Crusher created the hypospray and the T-cell. And the T-cell was without form, and viral; and darkness was upon the face of the starship... and Picard said "Let there be antidote": and there was antidote.
Firstborn Derek Dean When young Alexander has to choose between the Way of Kahless and the Way of Barbie, his future self suggests the Way of G.I. Joe as a compromise.
Emergence Nic Corelli and Sa'ar Chasm When the Enterprise starts developing a mind of its own, the cargo bay becomes a very emergency room.
All Good Things... Zeke ...Come to an end. And a beginning. And an in-between. All at once. This is why Q shouldn't be allowed to play with time travel.
Star Trek: Generations Derek Dean Picard and Kirk miss their only chance to find out which of them would win in a fight. Geordi gets a built-in XCam for his VISOR. The tradition of killing dumb Klingons every movie is preserved.
Star Trek: First Contact Zeke Captain Picard decides there's not enough obsession in modern Trek. Data and the Borg Queen gross everybody out.
Star Trek: Insurrection Ventura33 Another bearded admiral goes nuts; Riker shaves in protest. Picard demonstrates his disagreement with Kirk on the "older women" thing.
Star Trek: Nemesis Marc Richard Picard tries to persuade himself to donate blood, but finds it hard to make up his mind until he can get more data.
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