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Latest addition: Five-Minute "Hide and Q" (February 6)
Encounter at Farpoint Zeke Picard finds his cause: Save the Jellyfish.
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The Naked Now Marc Richard TOS attacks TNG out of spite. Data and Tasha spend some quality time together.
Lonely Among Us FatMatDuhRat Picard becomes quite energetic. Troi gains some competition for her job.
New! Hide and Q Kira Riker Qs up. Tasha tries to think outside the box.
Haven dsbs Deanna's pre-arranged fiancÚ fails to ring her chimes.
11001001 Marc Richard 110 01 01101 01 0 11110 10. 01 001 1 10010 10 001 01.
Too Short a Season Marc Richard Admiral Jameson doesn't make the playoffs.
Home Soil Derek Dean After they discover a glowing crystal which is producing an image in the sand, some terraformers suspect that they have just found the Orb of the Emissary.
Coming of Age Derek Dean Remmick plays Twenty Questions with the crew. Wesley shows off that he knows all the answers.
Heart of Glory Marc Richard A couple of nostalgic Klingons try to convince Worf that he'd look cooler in leather than in spandex.
Symbiosis Nic Corelli The crew learns to say no to drugs and helping the less fortunate.
Skin of Evil Kira Tasha urges Picard to get the ship an oil change, but a trip to Vagra II changes her mind.
We'll Always Have Paris KJP Picard demonstrates why he is not the ladies' man of this ship. Data is beside himself.
The Neutral Zone Marc Richard Three human popsicles, two Romulan snobs and one unseen Collective team up to give Picard a galaxy-class headache.
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