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5MNG: Season 2
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Manhunt" (February 10, 2006)
Elementary, Dear Data Derek Dean When a turbocharged Professor Moriarty leaves him clueless, Data considers trading in his Sherlock Holmes pipe for a stand-up comic's cigar.
Loud as a Whisper Marc Richard The crew meets a diplomat who just won't speak his mind, though his chorus won't refrain. Troi tries to help but gets the silent treatment.
The Measure of a Man Zeke Data finds out he's not as tall as the "You Must Be This Tall To Have Rights" sign.
Contagion Marc Richard The Enterprise and Data catch the Icommon cold.
The Royale Andy Taylor Picard learns he should let Data handle tough math problems. Riker learns he should let Dixon Hill handle tough casino mobsters.
Time Squared Marc Richard Tired of stating the obvious, Troi tries to confuse people. Picard gets to prove he can look after himself.
The Icarus Factor Kira Riker and his dad beat each other up in the peaceful, nonviolent future. Wes lets Worf's masochism out to play.
Pen Pals Derek Dean Wesley heads up his first research team and Data commits his first Prime Directive breach. Picard can't decide which one to be prouder of.
Q Who? Marc Richard When Picard refuses to hire Q, the Borg sue him for anti-godling employment practices.
New! Manhunt Nate the Great Picard finds yet another Phaser he'd prefer to do without.
The Emissary Marc Richard Worf discovers that his old girlfriend now has the title of deep space mine pilot.
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