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5MNG: Season 3
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Tin Man" (September 5, 2005)
The Survivors Kira Picard can't decide whether genocide is okay or not. Worf becomes the new Mr. Tea.
Who Watches The Watchers? Marc Richard Picard suffers the slings and arrows of outraged Vulcans. He finds it an Archery experience.
Booby Trap Marc Richard Geordi and his Barbie doll save the ship.
The Enemy Marc Richard Worf and his blood don't save a Romulan.
The Price Kira Deanna decides she doesn't have enough scoundrels in her life. Riker deals with some Ferengi trying to profit from falsehoods.
The Defector Marc Richard Picard is hindered by his (ahem) French accent. Jarok annoys Worf by dying before he can refuse to donate blood.
A Matter of Perspective Kira Riker decides that what he really wants to do is direct. Picard saves him, but only so he'll owe him a rescue in the next cliffhanger.
Yesterday's Enterprise Marc Richard History changes, saving people's lives. Picard changes it back so they'll die instead.
The Offspring saxamaphone Data proudly hands out cigars, then takes them back when he finds out that his new daughter is smarter than he is.
Sins of the Father Marc Richard Duras helps rename the Klingon High Council to the "No Worfs Club."
Allegiance Derek Dean A duplicate Picard offers drinks to the crew, dinner to Beverly, and frustration to the P/C shippers.
Captain's Holiday Marc Richard Picard travels to Risa but ends up in a Dashiell Hammett novel. Rom tries to imitate Sydney Greenstreet but comes up short. Vash learns that tomb raiding is a profession with no future.
New! Tin Man Marc Richard
Hollow Pursuits Marc Richard Barclay teaches us why Mary Sue fanfic writers shouldn't be let within 100 meters of a holodeck. Come to think of it, maybe nobody should be let within 100 meters of a holodeck....
The Most Toys Kira Data loses his value as a collectible when he's removed from his original packaging. The phrase "fire at will" takes on a whole new meaning for Worf.
Sarek IJD GAF Bendii Syndrome makes baby Sarek cry, so he hands it off to Picard, the most Vulcan-like person he can find on the ship. Selar pouts.
The Best of Both Worlds Zeke The Enterprise trades in the captain for a hot new blonde. Picard gets a makeover out of spite.
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