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5MNG: Season 4
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Legacy" (September 6)
Brothers Derek Dean A surprise call on his beeper prompts Data to study the theory of relativity.
Remember Me Marc Richard Trapped in a small space where everyone else is disappearing one by one, can Crusher survive long enough to win the $1,000,000?
New! Legacy Wade the Sane Commodore Data considers getting together with Yar's evil sister, but decides she'd be a better match for Lore.
Future Imperfect Derek Dean The Romulans attempt to conquer the Federation with their new novel, Rike Van William, but the dress rehearsal doesn't go so hot.
Final Mission Admiral Sab Picard and Wesley try to visit Waterworld but experience navigation problems. Their absence leaves the crew in a Malon-cholic mood.
The Loss Kira Troi gives some alien flatsoes her powers in exchange for a new role as Ship's Uber-Blatch.
The Wounded Marc Richard Captain Maxwell proves that you don't have to be an admiral to go insane. Dukat changes his name.
Devil's Due FatMatDuhRat Picard learns the naked truth about magic tricks.
Clues Derek Dean Data resets the ship's clocks to Daylight Savings Time and hopes that nobody notices he overdid it by 23 hours.
First Contact IJD GAF When the Malcorians get upset at having made first contact with the Federation, Picard tells them they're lucky they didn't get the Borg instead.
Galaxy's Child Marc Richard Dr. Leah Brahms comes face to face with the fact that she is virtually the only woman in Geordi's life.
Night Terrors Standback It's the end of the dreamworld as we know it, and Troi feels fine. (Get it? R.E.M.?)
Qpid Silvia and Gwen Vash teases Picard for being such a straight arrow; Q agrees with her and gives both of them the shaft.
The Drumhead Marc Richard Picard learns to dislike warp core explosions, overzealous admirals, and state-appointed Australian lawyers.
Half a Life KJP Lwaxana falls for a mortal man doomed to die by either radioactivity or video-game violence.
The Host Marc Richard Odan gives Beverly the Trill of a lifetime. Beverly gives Odan the lifetime of a Will.
The Mind's Eye Kira Geordi tries to kill an important Klingon; the Klingons, for whom assassination is perfectly legal, complain. Jerks.
In Theory Wowbagger Who dates the Datas?
Redemption Zeke Worf demands a takeback on his honour/discommendation trade, but hits a snag when the episode suddenly turns into The Crosby Show.
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