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5MNG: Season 6
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Suspicions" (September 5, 2005)
Realm of Fear Marc Richard Barclay trades his transporter phobia for an obsession about very large germs.
Relics IJD GAF Determined to out-cameo Spock and McCoy, Scotty traps the Enterprise crew so he can save them. Freeman Dyson gives him a hand.
Schisms Kira Aliens borrow some of the crew; Picard has to charge them overdue fees. Riker becomes a Mulder wannabe.
Rascals Admiral Sab Ro learns not to believe "Fly Through Me" signs on spatial anomalies, but gives the captain an alternative to Rogaine.
A Fistful of Datas Derek Dean Data simulteneously becomes the fastest gunslinger north, south, east and west of the Pecos.
The Quality of Life Marc Richard Ever wonder who the Ewoks would be if Chewbacca were Data?
Ship in a Bottle saxamaphone Barclay and Moriarty battle each other to determine who can better distinguish fantasy from reality. Both lose.
Aquiel Marc Richard Geordi lets the dogs out. Then he really, really wishes he hadn't.
Face of the Enemy Nic Corelli Troi senses something, but she's not sure what. Wait... it's pointy ears.
Tapestry Michael DeSanto Q turns history into an issue of What If? Picard doesn't have the heart to stop him.
Birthright I Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Blurb forthcoming.
Birthright II Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg
Frame of Mind Scott Z No matter how paranoid Will is, he's not paranoid enough. Worf invents a more fun way to shave.
New! Suspicions Derek Dean
Rightful Heir Marc Richard Worf, Gowron, Picard, and some Klingon monks just can't figure out what to do with That Darn Kahless.
Second Chances Scott Z Riker learns that when you come to a fork in the road, you should take it.
Timescape Marc Richard Riker learns what comes of helping Romulans. Data smokes, Data's pot smokes.
Descent I Zeke Data resists the Dark Side. For about ten seconds.
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