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5MNG: Season 7
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Descent II" (June 29, 2005)
New! Descent II Zeke When Data comes to resent his descent, Lore dissents. Represent!
Liaisons Wade the Sane Commodore But are they dangerous?
Interface Wade the Sane Commodore Geordi regrets not updating the firewall on his VISOR.
Phantasms Nic Corelli Data dreams a little dream of mess. Troi achieves the chocolate cake eater's nirvana.
Gambit I Derek Dean
Gambit II Derek Dean
Attached Marc Richard Picard and Crusher mind each other's business and make their 'shippers very happy.
Force of Nature Marc Richard Starfleet forbids ships to travel faster than Warp 5. Picard blames it on Enterprise nostalgia.
Inheritance Wade the Sane Commodore Data finds out he gets his musical talent, if not his looks, from his mother's robot's side.
Parallels Kira Worf takes a wrong turn on the inter-dimensional super-highway.
The Pegasus Marc Richard Picard and Riker discover a terrifying new cloaking device: one capable of transforming a ship into an invisible winged horse. This doesn't bother the Romulans, who don't believe in silly myths.
Sub Rosa Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Beverly Crusher defeats the Phantom Menace by breaking the Howard women's centuries-old tradition of retaining their maiden names after marriage.
Lower Decks IJD GAF Attempting to coast on the Muppets' success, Picard tries out a new series -- "TNG Babies."
Thine Own Self MmeBlueberry Or is that Frankenstein Own Self?
Masks saxamaphone The Enterprise gets spammed by the Aztecs.
Eye of the Beholder Kira Troi jumps 'ship, jumps the gun, and almost jumps to her doom. Good thing she's wearing a jumpsuit.
Genesis Marc Richard In the beginning Crusher created the hypospray and the T-cell. And the T-cell was without form, and viral; and darkness was upon the face of the starship... and Picard said "Let there be antidote": and there was antidote.
Firstborn Derek Dean When young Alexander has to choose between the Way of Kahless and the Way of Barbie, his future self suggests the Way of G.I. Joe as a compromise.
Emergence Nic Corelli and Sa'ar Chasm When the Enterprise starts developing a mind of its own, the cargo bay becomes a very emergency room.
All Good Things... Zeke ...Come to an end. And a beginning. And an in-between. All at once. This is why Q shouldn't be allowed to play with time travel.
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