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Section heads for 5MS: Lea Frost and Aragorngirl

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HISTORY PLAYS (by Lea Frost)
Richard IIEverybody gangs up on Richie Rich. Boothby makes a cameo.
Henry IV, Part 1Hal vs. Hotspur -- this time, it's personal!
New! Henry IV, Part 2Prince John shows us all what a scuzzbag he is. Man, I'd like to sock that guy in the gizzard...oh, and other stuff happens too. Death of kings, yada yada.
Henry VFalstaff bites off more than he can chew. Hal comes down with tennis elbow.
Henry VI, Part 1Charles decides to Joan the army. Henry sort of slightly falls for Margaret, a little.
Henry VI, Part 2York loses France and is too proud to check the Lost & Found. Jack Cade dies of impalem--er, hunger.
OTHER PLAYS (by Aragorngirl)
Julius CaesarCaesar dies Brutally. A record number of people called Casca change their names.
A Midsummer Night's DreamSome teenage Greeks run into trouble when fairies won't quit playing games with their hearts. Zeke apologizes profusely for that *nsync reference.
Romeo and JulietBoy meets girl. Boy kills various people and then himself. Girl does the same, having nothing better to do.
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