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Where No Man Has Gone Before Zeke Jim Kirk gets his voyage off to a good start by killing his best friend. Londo and G'Kar take notes.
The Man Trap IJD GAF Nancy Crater makes an impact on McCoy, who's unfortunately unaware of her fondness for a salt and battery.
Charlie X Derek Dean When a prepubescent omnipoteen comes aboard, Kirk may face his greatest challenge: an enemy he can't talk into blowing up. Meanwhile, Spock wonders if the X is for Xavier, and McCoy mutters something about a midichlorian count.
The Naked Time Derek Dean Kirk finally sneaks some nudity past the censors by hiding it in the title.
The Enemy Within Kira Kirk is beside himself when he discovers that transporters can malfunction.
Mudd's Women Derek Dean Can Kirk stop a con man from turning women incredibly hot? More important, will he try?
What Are Little Girls Made Of? Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Sugar, spice, and everything -- what do you mean, it was a rhetorical question?
Miri Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk finds out where the children shall lead him. Neverland, it turns out.
Dagger of the Mind Sa'ar Chasm Kirk goes to Crazy Go Nuts University.
The Corbomite Maneuver IJD GAF Bailey gets suckered into an exchange program with Clint Howard.  Spock raises his voice.
The Menagerie Zeke Spock and Christopher Reeve get caught up in a movie franchise with a lot of sequels. Kirk becomes a staunch opponent of the death penalty.
The Conscience of the King Zeke Kirk must choose between taking revenge on a murderer and scoring with one.
Balance of Terror Zeke Kirk and the Romulans get their mutually assured destruction on.
Shore Leave IJD GAF
The Galileo Seven IJD GAF Spock and McCoy invent the shuttle crash. If they'd just remembered to copyright it....
Arena Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg By whaling the tar out of a Gorn, Kirk proves to the Metrons how evolved and peace-loving humans are.
Tomorrow is Yesterday IJD GAF Kirk goes back in time to mess with the minds of UFO enthusiasts. Spock discovers that logic and math are not necessarily related.
Court Martial IJD GAF Kirk decides one courtmartial at Starbase 11 involving video recordings and a frame-up just isn't enough.
The Return of the Archons Kira Kirk teaches a society not to live off the FAT32 of the Landru.
Space Seed IJD GAF Kirk discovers one of the great truths of space exploration: for every pro, there's a Khan.
The Devil in the Dark Wowbagger Some unhortunate miners exhort Kirk and Spock to help them hort out their Horta problem.
Errand of Mercy IJD GAF Kirk and Kor learn the true meaning of Christmas. And what better teacher than a race of Christmas lights?
The Alternative Factor Derek Dean Kirk helps a refugee from ZZ Top fight his enemy within.
The City on the Edge of Forever IJD GAF Kirk and Spock go back in time to kill Joan Collins, but they get Edith Keeler by mistake. McCoy gets a taste of his own medicine.
Operation: Annihilate! Tate McCoy finally gets Spock to see the light. He's pretty happy with the results.
Who Mourns for Adonais? Derek Dean When some kind of god thing hooks up with one of his babes, Kirk is apolloed.
The Changeling IJD GAF We finally learn what the T in "James T. Kirk" stands for: Roy.
Mirror, Mirror IJD GAF Kirk's arrival causes turmoil to engulf the mirror universe. Hm, I smell a sequel....
The Apple Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk teaches some computer-monopolized aliens to think different.
The Doomsday Machine IJD GAF Kirk stops the Attack of the Cones. Okay, so there was only one -- but it was a really big cone.
Catspaw Derek Dean Kirk and the crew encounter, among other things, a magical black cat. Sound familiar?
I, Mudd Derek Dean Spock teaches robots to be illogical. After seeing this, McCoy can now die happy.
Metamorphosis Tarn-Vedra A cloud alien and its drinking buddy make first contact. Kirk finds it kafkaesque.
A Private Little War IJD GAF Give a village a fish, feed them for a day; give a village rifles, get to watch cool gunfights. Guess which option Kirk picks?
Journey to Babel IJD GAF Sarek sucks the blood out of his son, since turnips weren't working. Enterprise acquires most of its backstory.
Friday's Child Scooter Kirk wonders if an escalator might actually have been a better choice.
The Deadly Years Derek Dean Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find out that the grass isn't greener when you're over the hill.
Obsession Nic Corelli Always ahead of his time, Kirk goes Captain Ahab. A space monster clouds the issue.
Wolf in the Fold Derek Dean Deciding there still aren't enough scantily-clad women around, Kirk takes the crew to a pleasure planet. Scotty doesn't have a Clue.
The Trouble With Tribbles IJD GAF Kirk fouls a Klingon on double-tribble. Koloth loses.
The Gamesters of Triskelion IJD GAF Kirk's long, hard battle to keep Uhura from getting an important role finally fails. Ha ha.
The Immunity Syndrome FatMatDuhRat Spock takes on the Giant Space Blob. Kirk wonders whether to call it that in his log.
Return to Tomorrow IJD GAF I'm just mad about Sargon... He's just mad about me....
Patterns of Force Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg EVIL ALIEN NAZIS! (Not that you can really tell....)
The Omega Glory IJD GAF Will Kirk dare to interfere in the ancient struggle of Yankees versus Red Sox -- I mean, Reds?
The Ultimate Computer Marc Richard Kirk develops a bad case of dunsellitis when a supercomputer starts raising HAL aboard the Enterprise.
Bread and Circuses Derek Dean Kirk discovers that all evolutionary roads lead to Rome.
Assignment: Earth IJD GAF Kirk runs into Seven. ....What do you mean, you've read this fanfic already?
Spock's Brain Zeke Oh, don't pretend you need a blurb for this one.
The Enterprise Incident IJD GAF Jim tries out a new command style; McCoy helps him accessorize. Spock flirts with a Romulan who shall remain nameless.
The Paradise Syndrome Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk can't figure out which is the worst part: losing his memory or getting married.
And the Children Shall Lead IJD GAF But next time, let's not let them, okay?
Is There In Truth No Beauty? Derek Dean The Enterprise gets lost again when Sulu refuses to stop and ask for directions. Marvick tries to win a blind woman from a hideous alien. Kollos wins.
The Empath Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk, Spock, and McCoy meet an Alphazoid.
Spectre of the Gun PointyHairedJedi Kirk and Spock take a wrong turn at that second North Star to the right. Chekov pulls a Kim.
Day of the Dove IJD GAF Kirk teaches Kang that the pansy is mightier than the sword.
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Nic Corelli
Plato's Stepchildren Derek Dean Kirk learns to beware of Greeks with mental gifts... at least until he can dwarf them.
Wink of an Eye Marc Richard Kirk gets so hyperaccelerated that even the censors can't see him.
That Which Survives Derek Dean A planetary defense system unleashes its arsenal of freedom on the crew.
Elaan of Troyius IJD GAF When Kirk falls in love again, Spock suspects an alien influence. Everyone else wonders how he could tell.
Whom Gods Destroy Nic Corelli Able was Kirk ere... Krik... saw Elba. Yes, Krik. It means "shut up."
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield IJD GAF Kirk learns there's no right...er, left...er, wrong way to eat an Oreo.
The Mark of Gideon IJD GAF Kirk finds a duplicate of the Enterprise with Bibles in all the dressers.
The Lights of Zetar Kira Desperate to keep a hot babe away from Scotty, Kirk lets Memory Alpha get destroyed. It's no big deal because Memories Beta through Omega are fine.
Requiem For Methuselah Wowbagger When Kirk gets emotionally Flinted and feathered, Spock helps out with a meld meld trick he's been saving for a Rayna day.
The Way to Eden IJD GAF Some hippies reach paradise, only to contract a syndrome. Who could have seen that coming?
The Cloud Minders IJD GAF Kirk develops zienophobia on the Bespin of all possible worlds.
The Savage Curtain IJD GAF Kirk and Spock get sucked into a Celebrity Death Match gone horribly, horribly wrong.
All Our Yesterdays Marc Richard Kirk being unavailable for a rematch, Spock battles McCoy for the hand of Miss Antarctica.
Beyond the Farthest Star Marc Richard After three years in space, Kirk considers drydocking the Enterprise for an 18-month refit but decides instead just to get a toon-up.
Yesteryear IJD GAF Spock gets replaced by an Andorian and a little boy.  Silik gets replaced by Spock.
One of Our Planets is Missing IJD GAF Kirk, who once beat up Khan, gets beaten up by a big intangible cloud. How pathetic does that make Khan?
The Lorelei Signal IJD GAF A group of beautiful women try to suck the life out of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Uhura tries to save them and, to Kirk's vast annoyance, succeeds.
More Tribbles, More Troubles IJD GAF Having already tried besting the Klingons at diplomacy and battle, Kirk takes a chance with fuzzy marketing ploys. Koloth loses.
The Survivor IJD GAF The Enterprise does the "Neutral Zone" thing again. A changeling does the "Two Kirks" thing again.
The Infinite Vulcan IJD GAF Bad Spock episodes fall to new lows... er, heights.
The Magicks of Megas-Tu Derek Dean Kirk, stalwart protector of truth and justice, heroically rescues... um, the devil. His PR guy is going to have an interesting time with this one.
Once Upon A Planet Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk talks an evil computer out of ruining the crew's vacation to a pleasure planet. Where was he in "Let He Who is Without Sin..."?
Mudd's Passion Derek Dean Nurse Chapel tries a love potion on Spock. Naturally, this leads to rock monsters.
The Terratin Incident Kira The Enterprise becomes one little ship. Well, okay, it's the crew that shrink, but this beats yet another Honey, I Shrunk the Kids joke.
The Time Trap Marc Richard The Enterprise gets trapped in an inescapable void, then escapes.
The Ambergris Element Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk and Spock's sea quest goes a little off course. Scotty gets pedantic.
Slaver Weapon IJD GAF Spock, Sulu and Uhura find themselves in Known Space. Larry Niven assures us that it will never happen again.
The Eye of the Beholder Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Spock is utterly embarassed to discover that superintelligent sluggish minds think alike -- and it sure ain't logically.
The Jihad Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk and Spock embark on a quest to be cool, quest-embarking guys. It doesn't work.
The Pirates of Orion IJD GAF Some pirates try to press their advantage; Kirk counters with a full-court press strategy. Stop the presses!
Bem Zeke Special Animated Fiver! An alien observer becomes a splitting headache to Kirk and Spock.
The Practical Joker IJD GAF The holodeck malfunctions, which wouldn't be so surprising if the Enterprise had a holodeck. Uhura's lips are sealed.
Albatross Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg McCoy is nearly executed for trying to stop a plague on Dramia. This is known as Dramia-tic irony.
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth Derek Dean Who mourns for Kulkukan?
The Counter-Clock Incident IJD GAF Captain Robert April finally gets to prove that he commanded the Enterprise while Kirk was still in diapers.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Zeke Kirk and Spock very slowly save Earth.
Read the comic version!
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan FatMatDuhRat Starfleet sends Kirk on a re-Khan mission. Spock lives to regret it.
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock PointyHairedJedi Kirk's son dies. Fortunately, he has more where that came from.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home IJD GAF Spock finally mind-melds with something smarter than Kirk. Chekov, asking where a nuclear vessel is, is mistaken for a drunken Battleship player.
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier IJD GAF Spock watches Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and feels obliged to answer. Scotty walks into a bar...oh, you've heard this one?
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country IJD GAF Kirk faces his greatest threat: Shakespeare. Chekov and Uhura do a bad Hoshi Sato impression.
Star Trek: Generations Derek Dean Picard and Kirk miss their only chance to find out which of them would win in a fight. Geordi gets a built-in XCam for his VISOR. The tradition of killing dumb Klingons every movie is preserved.
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