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5MST: Season 2
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Friday's Child" (February 19, 2006)
Who Mourns for Adonais? Derek Dean When some kind of god thing hooks up with one of his babes, Kirk is apolloed.
The Changeling IJD GAF We finally learn what the T in "James T. Kirk" stands for: Roy.
Mirror, Mirror IJD GAF Kirk's arrival causes turmoil to engulf the mirror universe. Hm, I smell a sequel....
The Apple Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk teaches some computer-monopolized aliens to think different.
The Doomsday Machine IJD GAF Kirk stops the Attack of the Cones. Okay, so there was only one -- but it was a really big cone.
Catspaw Derek Dean Kirk and the crew encounter, among other things, a magical black cat. Sound familiar?
I, Mudd Derek Dean Spock teaches robots to be illogical. After seeing this, McCoy can now die happy.
Metamorphosis Tarn-Vedra A cloud alien and its drinking buddy make first contact. Kirk finds it kafkaesque.
A Private Little War IJD GAF Give a village a fish, feed them for a day; give a village rifles, get to watch cool gunfights. Guess which option Kirk picks?
Journey to Babel IJD GAF Sarek sucks the blood out of his son, since turnips weren't working. Enterprise acquires most of its backstory.
New! Friday's Child Scooter Kirk wonders if an escalator might actually have been a better choice.
The Deadly Years Derek Dean Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find out that the grass isn't greener when you're over the hill.
Obsession Nic Corelli Always ahead of his time, Kirk goes Captain Ahab. A space monster clouds the issue.
Wolf in the Fold Derek Dean Deciding there still aren't enough scantily-clad women around, Kirk takes the crew to a pleasure planet. Scotty doesn't have a Clue.
The Trouble With Tribbles IJD GAF Kirk fouls a Klingon on double-tribble. Koloth loses.
The Gamesters of Triskelion IJD GAF Kirk's long, hard battle to keep Uhura from getting an important role finally fails. Ha ha.
The Immunity Syndrome FatMatDuhRat Spock takes on the Giant Space Blob. Kirk wonders whether to call it that in his log.
Return to Tomorrow IJD GAF I'm just mad about Sargon... He's just mad about me....
Patterns of Force Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg EVIL ALIEN NAZIS! (Not that you can really tell....)
The Omega Glory IJD GAF Will Kirk dare to interfere in the ancient struggle of Yankees versus Red Sox -- I mean, Reds?
The Ultimate Computer Marc Richard Kirk develops a bad case of dunsellitis when a supercomputer starts raising HAL aboard the Enterprise.
Bread and Circuses Derek Dean Kirk discovers that all evolutionary roads lead to Rome.
Assignment: Earth IJD GAF Kirk runs into Seven. ....What do you mean, you've read this fanfic already?
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