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5MST: Season 3
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Spock's Brain" (November 27, 2014)
New! Spock's Brain Zeke Oh, don't pretend you need a blurb for this one.
The Enterprise Incident IJD GAF Jim tries out a new command style; McCoy helps him accessorize. Spock flirts with a Romulan who shall remain nameless.
The Paradise Syndrome Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk can't figure out which is the worst part: losing his memory or getting married.
And the Children Shall Lead IJD GAF But next time, let's not let them, okay?
Is There In Truth No Beauty? Derek Dean The Enterprise gets lost again when Sulu refuses to stop and ask for directions. Marvick tries to win a blind woman from a hideous alien. Kollos wins.
The Empath Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg Kirk, Spock, and McCoy meet an Alphazoid.
Spectre of the Gun PointyHairedJedi Kirk and Spock take a wrong turn at that second North Star to the right. Chekov pulls a Kim.
Day of the Dove IJD GAF Kirk teaches Kang that the pansy is mightier than the sword.
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Nic Corelli
Plato's Stepchildren Derek Dean Kirk learns to beware of Greeks with mental gifts... at least until he can dwarf them.
Wink of an Eye Marc Richard Kirk gets so hyperaccelerated that even the censors can't see him.
That Which Survives Derek Dean A planetary defense system unleashes its arsenal of freedom on the crew.
Elaan of Troyius IJD GAF When Kirk falls in love again, Spock suspects an alien influence. Everyone else wonders how he could tell.
Whom Gods Destroy Nic Corelli Able was Kirk ere... Krik... saw Elba. Yes, Krik. It means "shut up."
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield IJD GAF Kirk learns there's no,, wrong way to eat an Oreo.
The Mark of Gideon IJD GAF Kirk finds a duplicate of the Enterprise with Bibles in all the dressers.
The Lights of Zetar Kira Desperate to keep a hot babe away from Scotty, Kirk lets Memory Alpha get destroyed. It's no big deal because Memories Beta through Omega are fine.
Requiem For Methuselah Wowbagger When Kirk gets emotionally Flinted and feathered, Spock helps out with a meld meld trick he's been saving for a Rayna day.
The Way to Eden IJD GAF Some hippies reach paradise, only to contract a syndrome. Who could have seen that coming?
The Cloud Minders IJD GAF Kirk develops zienophobia on the Bespin of all possible worlds.
The Savage Curtain IJD GAF Kirk and Spock get sucked into a Celebrity Death Match gone horribly, horribly wrong.
All Our Yesterdays Marc Richard Kirk being unavailable for a rematch, Spock battles McCoy for the hand of Miss Antarctica.
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