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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Things We'll Miss Out On Now That Heroes is Cancelled

  1. Sylar reveals the true, evil purpose behind his apparent conversion to the forces of good (there was gonna be one, right? Right?)
  2. Nathan comes back -- in the form of Monica, who watched one too many of his campaign ads
  3. Hiro gets another dull storyline, but we don't care, 'cause it's Hiro, man
  4. Samuel returns just long enough to get killed by the next villain
  5. The people of the world, now aware of the existence of superpowers, immediately start a dozen more Nathan-style government roundup programs (if by "round up" you mean "shoot")
  6. Gretchen returns just long enough to get killed by the next annoying friend of Claire's
  7. We learn that HRG has had a power all along: the power of awesome
  8. Bryan Fuller returns just long enough to... nope, forget it, he's already gone
  9. Peter, Matt, and Mohinder continue competing furiously to see who can make the dumbest mistakes (they're not just doing it for fun, y'know)
And the number one thing we'll miss out on now that Heroes is cancelled....
  1. The cheerleader is saved, thus saving the world... so I guess we're pretty screwed now, huh?
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This list was originally published on May 26, 2010 (April Fool's Day... no wait, it was finally a regular day again!).

DISCLAIMER: I was also looking forward to the musical episode.

All material © 2010, Colin Hayman.