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The Top 20 Signs That Your Girlfriend Has Been Quantum-Leapt Into By Sam Beckett

  1. Every time she accomplishes something, a few seconds later she makes this grumpy face like she hoped something else would happen and it didn't
  2. She has a bunch of new skills, including some you're pretty sure don't actually exist
  3. You're not calling her vain or anything, but boy, she is constantly looking in mirrors
  4. Each of your dates ends with a short preview of the next one
  5. She has a catch phrase she uses constantly, but somehow it never gets old
  6. Her visual profile doesn't seem to quite match the space she occupies -- or not, depending on how that works this week
  7. She does a lot of allllmost encountering famous people
  8. She's suddenly a real know-it-all... though you did recently have to remind her where her house was
  9. Her new favourite Trek episode? Nope, nothing from ENT -- it's "The Inner Light"
  10. You didn't think she was much of a comic strip reader, but lately she keeps mentioning Ziggy
  11. Your dog suddenly hates her
  12. Her taste in music has been running toward the cheesy
  13. She gets really awkward when the topic of JFK comes up
  14. Her memory isn't broken or anything, but it does seem to have about a ten-second delay
  15. She jumps on every chance to teach you some big moral lesson (and after you learn it, she makes that face again)
  16. She's been writing these weird experimental plays -- no wait, that's a sign that your girlfriend is the real Sam Beckett
  17. She's pretty clearly on a budget
  18. Let's just say the physical side of your relationship has... stalled
  19. She is impossible to watch Doctor Who with
And the number one sign that your girlfriend has been quantum-leapt into by Sam Beckett....
  1. Lately she's had the weirdest pet name for you: Al
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This list was originally published on February 29, 2020.

DISCLAIMER: You could always start calling her Betty.

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