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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Things Brannon Braga Doesn't Want the World to Know

  1. He and Jeri Ryan are just faking that whole relationship thing
  2. He was the one who shot JFK
  3. He was named after Raisin Bran
  4. The kids at school used to call him Pipsqueak
  5. The kids at school still call him Pipsqueak
  6. He co-wrote Mission: Impossible 2 (oh wait, the world does know that)
  7. His middle name is Xanth
  8. "Threshold" was based on a true story
  9. He's a hologram
And the number one thing Brannon Braga doesn't want the world to know....
  1. He invented call waiting
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This list was originally published on March 18, 2001.

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