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The Top 10 Most Feared Cliffhangers of the DS9 Crew

  1. Worf: Captain Sisko gets assimilated by the Borg
  2. Odo: Odo gets stuck as a gas and is thus unable to relate to either Solids or Liquids
  3. Sisko: Captain Sisko gets assimilated by Locutus
  4. Kira: Kira gets left in the Mirror Universe and is forced to impersonate the Intendant
  5. Jake: Captain Sisko gets assimilated by the Prophets (er, wait...)
  6. Weyoun: The Founders discover he uses his spare time trying to teach himself to sing
  7. Quark: The Ferengi get assimilated by the Federation
  8. Bashir: The whole station lives or dies on his ability to distinguish a pre-ganglionic fiber from a post-ganglionic nerve
  9. Damar: Gul Dukat gets assimilated by the Pah-wraiths (er, wait...)
And the number one most feared cliffhanger of a DS9 crewman....
  1. O'Brien: He wakes up in a life that is fun and in which all the people he meets are kind and don't want to torture him
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This list was originally published on June 27, 2005.

DISCLAIMER: And what cliffhanger is Jadzia afraid of, you ask? "Tears of the Prophets," I reply, rolling my eyes.

All material © 2005, Derek Dean.